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Die für Privatpersonen und Universitätsbeschäftigte kostenlose Virtualisierungslösung VirtualBox macht es möglich, verschiedene Betriebssysteme auf einem PC oder Mac zu virtualisieren. Das Tool simuliert einen ganzen Computer. Die Software emuliert alle für einen funktionsfähigen Computer benötigten Hardware-Komponenten. Als Host-Betriebssystem unterstützt VirtualBox Windows, Mac OS X (Intel), Sun Solaris und diverse Linux-Derivate.

Virtualbox unterstützt virtuelle Maschinen mit bis zu 32 Prozessoren inklusive Nested Page Table-Support für AMD- und Intel-Prozessoren und bietet Grafikbeschleunigung für die Schnittstellen OpenGL 2.0, Direct3D 8 und 9.

Weitere Features von Virtualbox:

  • Die VMs lassen sich wahlweise über mehrere Frontends bedienen
  • Eine grafische Benuteroberfläche (GUI), die die Grafikbibliothek Qt benutzt, in der aber noch nicht alle Optionen des Konsolenprogramms implementiert sind (VirtualBox)
  • Ein Konsolenprogramm (VBoxManage)
  • Ein SDL-Programm (VBoxSDL)
  • Fenster aus einer virtuellen Windows-Umgebung direkt auf dem Desktop darstellen, losgelöst von der gesamten Windows-Umgebung
  • Virtuelle serielle Schnittstellen und kann das Gastsystem per PXE 2.1 über das Netzwerk starten
  • Unterstützt Windows 64-Bit-Edition. Mac OS X und Solaris
  • 64-bit Gastsysteme laufen auf 64-bit Hosts
  • Unterstützung von Nested Page Tables auf modernen AMD-Prozessoren
  • AHCI-SATA-Festplattencontroller, der maximal 32 Laufwerke pro virtueller Maschine unterstützt
  • Unterstützt Command Queuing bei SATA-Platten
  • Webservice-API
  • Unterstützt Images in Microsofts VHD-Format
  • Seamless-Modus
  • Im- und Export virtueller Appliances
  • Gastsysteme, die auf bis zu 16 GByte RAM zugreifen
  • Netzwerkmodus für Host-Schnittstellen
  • Unterstützung für Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP

Fazit Virtualbox

Virtualbox ist eine ausgereifte Virtualisierungs-Software, die eine Menge zu bieten hat: Stabilität, Performance, Workstation- und Serverbetrieb, zahlreiche unterstützte Gastsysteme und viele Kleinigkeiten, die den Umgang mit virtuellen Maschinen bequem machen –- und all das als Open Source.

Hinweis: Für volle Performance und erweiterte Features von Virtualbox steht das Extensions Pack zur Verfügung, das von der Entwickler-Site heruntergeladen werden kann. Die Erweiterungen stehen allerdings – anders als die Kernkomponenten – nicht unter der GPLv2, sondern unter Oracles Personal Use and Evaluation License (PUEL).

Beispiele für Installationen mit Virtualbox

Changelog 5.0 (Major Features)

  • Paravirtualization support for Windows and Linux guests to improve time-keeping accuracy and performance (see the manual for more information)
  • Make more instruction set extensions available to the guest when running with hardware-assisted virtualization and nested paging. Among others this includes: SSE 4.1, SSE4.2, AVX, AVX-2, AES-NI, POPCNT, RDRAND and RDSEED
  • xHCI Controller to support USB 3 devices (see the manual for more information)
  • Drag and drop support (bidirectional) for Windows, Linux and Solaris guests
  • Disk image encryption (see the manual for more information)
  • VMs can now be started in separate mode. The VM process is started headless while the frontend runs as a separate process which can be terminated without stopping the VM.
  • GUI: VM guest-content scaling support (including 3D acceleration)
  • GUI: New User Interface settings page for customizing status-bar, menu-bar and guest-content scaling
  • GUI: New Encryption settings tab for customizing encryption options for disk images
  • GUI: HiDPI support including application icons and optional unscaled HiDPI output on Mac OS X (including 3D acceleration)
  • GUI: Hotplugging support for SATA disks
  • New, modular audio architecture for providing a better abstraction of the host audio backends
  • Support for the NDIS6 networking framework on Windows (default on Vista and later)

Changelog 4.3.24

  • VMM: emulation fix for the ENTER instruction under certain conditions; fixes Solaris 10 guests (VT-x without unrestricted guest execution)
  • VMM: fix for handling NMIs on Linux hosts with X2APIC enabled
  • NAT/NAT Network: fix connection drops when the host’s DHCP lease was renewed (4.3.22 regression; Windows hosts only; bug #13839)
  • NAT: don’t crash on an empty domain list when switching the DNS host configuration (4.3.22 regression; Mac OS X hosts only; bug #13874)
  • PXE: re-enable it on Windows hosts (4.3.22 regression; Windows hosts only; bug #13842)
  • Shared Folders: fixed a problem with Windows guests (4.3.22 regression; bug #13786)
  • Audio: improved record quality when using the DirectSound audio backend
  • VBoxManage: when executing the controlvm command take care that the corresponding VM runtime changes are saved permanently (bug #13892)
  • Windows Installer: properly install the 32-bit version of VBoxRes.dll on 32-bit hosts (bug #13876)
  • Linux hosts / guests: Linux 4.0 fixes (bug #13835)
  • OS/2 Additions: fixed mouse integration (4.3.22 regression; bug #13825)
  • X11 Additions: fixed a sporadic failure to deactivate virtual screens

Changelog 4.3.22

  • VMM: refined measurement of TSC frequency on the host, improves timekeeping for guests
  • VMM: decreased CPU load resulting from guest MMIO writes to the virtual APIC
  • VMM: fixed interception of debug exceptions, observed while using the dbx debugger on Solaris guests (VT-x only)
  • GUI: 3D overlay window positioning code improved, fixed potential misplacement of 3D accelerated guest graphics content
  • GUI: fixed accident SSL authentication failures during update check on Windows hosts
  • GUI: never send the “ACPI power” keyboard scancode to the guest, we have the ACPI power button for that
  • GUI: was unable to properly restore seamless mode VM from snapshot/saved-state under some circumstances
  • VBoxHeadless: don’t crash if 3D is enabled in the VM settings
  • ATA: fixed several passthrough issues
  • Audio: fixed DirectSound failure when the the host has no audio input device (Windows hosts only)
  • SB16: fixed compatibility issue
  • Storage: fixed broken CD/DVD passthrough when using the IDE controller
  • NAT: new ping proxy for Windows hosts
  • NAT: Properly report outbound connect(2) failures to guest with TCP RST or ICMP
  • NAT Network: no need for frequent wakeups in VBoxNetDHCP and VBoxNetNAT
  • Host-only adapter: prevent Windows from creating an “Unidentified network”
  • Bridged Networking: don’t leak host-to-guest traffic to the wireless network when bridging to a wireless interface
  • Main: fixed a possible race when changing the medium leading to a deadlock under rare conditions
  • VBoxManage: fixed return code if starting a VM failed
  • API: fixed 2 deadlock opportunities related to medium handling
  • API: fixed bug in XPCOM which created too few worker threads, sporadically resulting in a deadlock
  • SDK: fixed a garbage collection leak in the Python VirtualBox webservice API binding
  • Linux hosts: fixes for activated SMAP (Broadwell and later)
  • X11 guests: prevent unwanted hiding of guest screens on multi-monitor guests
  • X11 guests: added support for X.Org Server 1.17
  • X11 Additions: fixed a memory leak in VBoxService if libdbus is available but dbus-daemon isn’t running
  • Windows Additions: prevent VBox WDDM driver from loading if host reports weak OpenGL capabilities. 3D content now can be shown over Remote Desktop connection.
  • Winodws Additions: some fixes for recent Windows 10 Previews
  • Linux Additions: fixed a compatibility issue with 64-bit Linux 2.4 kernels
  • Linux Additions: fixed a potential use-after-free when unloading the VBoxGuest module
  • Linux Additions: Linux 3.19 fixes

Changelog 4.3.14

  • VMM: more fixes for MSR emulation on certain hardware (bugs #12784, #12949, #13034)
  • VMM: improve MSI handling under rare circumstances (only relevant for the ICH9 chipset)
  • VMM: fixed #UD exception for 64-bit guests with the EFER.SCE bit and the SYSCALL instruction (VT-x only; 4.3 regression; bug #13008)
  • VMM: fixed timekeeping after resuming SMP guests
  • VMM: properly wake up a halted VCPU on NMI/SMI
  • GUI: fixed a potential crash
  • GUI: fixed stuck AltGr key on Windows hosts (bug #2537)
  • GUI: fixed a potential error during the version check
  • GUI: shortcut change should not require Enter/Return (or other trigger) to confirm (bugs #12828, #12847, #12937, #13087)
  • GUI: fixed update check which was broken due to changing the location of the root certificates (bug #13096)
  • VBoxManage: fixed typo in showvminfo –machinereadable (bug #13176)
  • NAT: fixed inbound half-close (bug #13116)
  • NAT: fixed slow upload speed under certain conditions (bug #10034)
  • NAT Network: fixed potential loss of inbound TCP data
  • NAT Network: fixed potential infinite stalls of TCP connections over IPv6
  • NAT Network: fixed resets of TCP connections on Windows hosts
  • NAT Network: fixed inbound half-close on Mac OS X hosts
  • NAT Network: fixed socket leak on Solaris hosts
  • NAT Network: fixed ping of mapped host loopback on Mac OS X and Solaris hosts, fixed proxying of IMCP errors on Mac OS X
  • Host-Only Network: fixed SNMP ifConnectorPresent value on Windows (bug #13143)
  • Storage: fixed a possible crash with CD/DVD passthrough under certain circumstances
  • Storage: fixed a crash when trying to open an inaccessible QED or QCOW image (bug #12613)
  • Storage: fixed data corruption or read errors under rare circumstances
  • AHCI: fixed a crash under rare circumstances
  • USB: performance fixes
  • ICH9: properly reset MSI capability on reset
  • Keyboard: active modifier keys during suspend were stuck after resuming the host
  • 3D: fixed misbehavior with huge guests (i.e. guest more than 4GB guest memory
  • 3D: several fixes
  • API: properly detect the Windows 8.1 guest OS type (bug #13090)
  • ExtPack: cleanup of dangling uninstallation directories
  • Linux hosts / guests: compile fix for EL7 (bug #12638)
  • Linux Additions: made 3D pass-through work with recent versions of Mesa in the guest (bug #12941)
  • Linux Additions: Linux 3.16 fixes (bug #13123)
  • Mac OS X hosts: when scanning for host CD/DVD devices also consider BlueRay devices
  • OS/2 Additions: fixed gengradd.dll library name (bug #12785)
  • Solaris Additions: fixed permissions of files and directories located on shared folders
  • Windows host installer: fixed the need for rebooting Windows after installation or upgrade, extended logging for NetFlt/NetAdp (un)installation

Changelog 4.3.12

  • VMM: fixed a rare condition that would fail to invalidate guest TLB entries or would invalidate them when not required (Windows hosts only)
  • VMM: fixed a VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED Guru Meditation seen with certain guests, e.g. OpenServer 5.0.7
  • VMM: more fixes for MSR emulation on certain hardware
  • GUI: fixed mouse positioning with mouse integration disabled and multiple guest screens
  • GUI: fixed crash in VM manager
  • GUI: fixed crash under rare conditions on entering/exiting fullscreen/seamless mode
  • Shared Clipboard: don’t stop working after taking a snapshot
  • AHCI: fixed a crash under rare circumstances
  • API: fixed a hang during VM shutdown under rare conditions
  • NAT: fixed generation of malformed ICMP error datagrams (4.3.10 regression)
  • NAT: fixed potential crash in DNS proxy
  • NAT Network: don’t drop port forwarding rules after some time
  • NAT: fixed ARP cache corruption and network loss in Windows guest caused by iSCSI service activity
  • 3D support: several fixes, including better support for Ubuntu 14.04
  • VRDP: fixed a potential crash on client disconnect
  • VBoxSVC: fixed a race when a new client is started a few seconds after the last client terminated
  • VBoxSVC: fixed VirtualBox.xml registry corruption after VM renaming
  • Windows hosts: partly support 32-bit COM on 64-bit systems
  • Windows host installer: implemented merge module (msm) support
  • Linux hosts: fixed dependency of boot script on older Debian systems
  • Linux guests: fix symbolic link to shared folder helper
  • Linux Additions: don’t crash VBoxService during guest execute for users without a password
  • Linux Additions: fixed a bug in guest execution where the guest process terminated with VERR_INTERRUPTED to the host

Changelog 4.3.10

  • VMM: more work on improving the emulation of certain MSR registers on certain host CPUs (e.g. bugs #12734, #12736, #12744, #12748, #12686, #12770)
  • VMM: fixed single-stepping for real-mode guests (VT-x without unrestricted guest execution) and some I/O instructions (bug #12636)
  • VMM: fixed a potential problem with COW pages if nested paging is not available
  • GUI: Mac OS X: experimental native full screen support for Mountain Lion and Mavericks (bug #12292)
  • GUI: Mac OS X: removed the mini-toolbar minimize button which doesn’t work under Mac OS X full screen mode anyway
  • GUI: experimental HID LEDs synchronization for Windows and Mac OS X hosts: fixed keyboard re-synchronization if the feature is disabled (as done by default; bug #12758)
  • GUI: fixed a potential crash when opening the preferences menu (bug #12862)
  • OVF: fixed a crash of the VirtualBox Manager when re-starting guest export (bug #12586)
  • 3D support: several fixes
  • HGCM: fixed a problem with saved states which could cause several guest misbehavior after a VM was started from a saved state
  • Storage: fixed a bug preventing to compact differential snapshots under certain conditions
  • VBoxSVC: fixed a segmentation fault on Linux hosts if a very long path exists under /dev (bug #12760)
  • API: fixed guest misbehavior under certain conditions if a storage medium was attached or removed at VM runtime
  • Windows installer: make the –silent parameter work again (bug #12764)
  • Mac OS X Networking: prevent local traffic (VM-to/from-host) from leaking to ire (bug #12750)
  • Windows Additions: fixed the environment for guest processes (4.3.8 regression; bug #12782)
  • Windows Additions/WDDM: fixed divide by zero exception with multiple guest screens under certain conditions
  • Linux Additions: install correctly on Ubuntu guest systems with a /usr/lib64 directory (bug #12513)
  • X11 Additions: fix for the VBoxClient process not exiting correctly (bug #12348) and consuming too much processor time

Changelog 4.3.8

  • VMM: more work on improving the emulation of certain MSR registers (e.g. bugs #12224, #12544)
  • VMM: fixed a VERR_INVALID_RPL Guru Meditation when booting certain guests (bug #11350)
  • VMM: experimental support for SSE 4.1 / SSE 4.2 passthrough, see the manual for more information how to enable it (bug #8651)
  • VMM: fix for recent Linux kernels with software virtualization
  • GUI: experimental HID LEDs synchronization for Windows hosts, see the manual for more information
  • GUI: warn the user if the Oracle Extension Pack is not installed and the user tries to activate the remote display feature (bug #9104)
  • GUI: make sure that a minimized guest (using mini toolbar in fullscreen/seamless mode) keeps the minimized state (bug #12199)
  • GUI: popup banner’s “do not show this message again” check-box replaced with corresponding button
  • GUI: network adapter cables can now be connected/disconnected directly through the running virtual machine Devices / Network menu a Network status-bar indicator
  • GUI: the new VM wizard now proposes 64-bit guests on 64-bit hosts by default; better distinction between 32-bit OS types 64-bit OS types (bug #12533)
  • GUI: better error message if appliance import fails (bug #12657)
  • GUI: allow to set host-combination to ‘None’ using the Global settings / Input page (bug #12730)
  • GUI: don’t switch the guest to a black screen during online snapshot merge (4.3 regression)
  • VBoxManage: when exporting an appliance, support the suppression of MAC addresses, which means they will be always recreated on import, avoiding duplicate MAC addresses for VMs which are imported several times
  • AHCI: fixed a VM hang during suspend under certain circumstances
  • AHCI: fixed a VM hang during online snapshot merge under certain circumstances
  • AHCI: fixed a bug which resulted in Windows XP guest hangs if a SATA CDROM is attached (bug #12417)
  • AHCI: fixed a Guru Meditation under certain conditions
  • AHCI: ejecting a CD/DVD medium failed under certain conditions
  • AHCI: disk hotplugging fixes
  • NAT: transparent handling of host sleep/resume and network configuration changes if the dnsproxy is enabled or if the hostresolver is used (bug #12441)
  • NAT: fixed crash and misbehaviour under some circumstances with ICMP packets having TTL=1
  • NAT Network: fixed IPv6 reassembly
  • NAT Network: ping proxy implemented
  • OVF: fixed reading of the OVF 0.9 section element (4.3 regression; bug #12345)
  • OVF: several fixes
  • 3D: several fixes, multiscreen fixes (e.g. bug #9124)
  • 3D: include 3D content in captured videos (bug #12666)
  • 3D: include 3D content in captured screenshot (bug #11758)
  • VGA: proper handling of legacy graphics modes if the Guest Additions are active (bug #6649)
  • USB: fixed crash during isochronous transfer under rare circumstances
  • BIOS: better disk geometry handling of SCSI drives
  • API: fix crashes in Java API clients using the XPCOM binding, happened with output parameters only (bug #11232)
  • VBoxSVC: documented the handling of host power management events (see the manual for more information) and added an extradata item for configuring the handling of the battery-low event (bug #9925)
  • VBoxSVC: fixed a bug which could trigger a crash if a VM snapshot was restored the second time and the VM has associated bandwidth groups (bug #12569)
  • VBoxSVC: properly detect ifconfig if located in /bin (bug #12713)
  • Shared Folders: fixed a failure to restore transient shared folders when starting a VM from a saved state (bug #12578)
  • Mac OS X hosts: fixed issue when the application icon was frozen in the dock if the bridging interface was not connected to a network (bug #12241)
  • Linux hosts: also consider the physical package ID when determining the number of physical CPU cores
  • Linux hosts / guests: don’t warn in kernel log if memory allocation fails (bug #11171)
  • Solaris hosts: fixed the autostart SMF script (bug #11720)
  • Windows hosts: fixes for non-ANSI code page user names and similar environment contents (bug #12596)
  • Windows hosts / guests: fixed setting and using a guest user’s process environment variables (relevant for Guest Control)
  • Windows Additions: fixed handle leaks in VBoxTray (bug #12563)
  • Windows Additions: fixed a crash while detecting active guest users
  • Windows Additions: fixed restoring backed up D3D files on XPDM -> WDDM upgrade
  • Guest Control: fixed setting and using a guest user’s process environment variables
  • Linux Additions: support Enterprise Linux 6.5 kernels (bug #12505)
  • Linux Additions: fixed CPU hot-remove on newer Linux kernels
  • Linux / Solaris Additions: don’t automount a shared folder which is already mounted
  • X11 Additions: support X.Org Server 1.15 (bug #12623)

Changelog 4.3.6

  • MM: fixed a Guru Meditation VINF_EM_TRIPLE_FAULT caused by VMCB caching with nested paging on certain AMD CPUs (bug #12451)
  • VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation VERR_VMX_UNEXPECTED_INTERRUPTION_EXIT_TYPE while intercepting debug exceptions (VT-x only; bug #12410)
  • VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation VERR_SVM_UNEXPECTED_EXIT while intercepting debug register accesses (AMD-V only; bug #12481)
  • VMM: fixed a VERR_SSM_STRUCTURE_MAGIC error when trying to load a saved state made with VBox 4.3.4 when VT-x/AMD-V is disabled. Unfortunately, VBox 4.3.4 produced broken saved states for this configuration so you have to discard these states (bug #12414)
  • VMM: added a few more MSRs to the whitelist required by certain guests (bug #12245)
  • GUI: fixed deleting of inaccessible VMs (4.3 regression, bug #12205)
  • GUI: fixed warnings in VM settings / number of guest processors (bug #12480)
  • Main: don’t automatically enable 64-bit guests on 64-bit hosts if VT-x/AMD-V is not available (bug #12424)
  • Main: always expose the DMI memory information to Windows 2012 guests (bug #12017)
  • Main: fixed occasional crashes on guest display resolution change (bug #7063)
  • Main: fixed reporting back temporary name when calling IGuestSession::DirectoryCreateTemp() (bug #12498)
  • API: fix for a hang when launching a GUI VM through the API, which crashes due to GUI unavailability
  • Storage: fix for BLKCACHE_IOERR runtime errors under rare circumstances (bug #11030)
  • Network: allow to start more than 5 PCNet instances (bug #12426)
  • E1000: if the cable was disconnected before the guest initialized the device, the link status was not properly set to ‘down’ after the initialization completed despite the fact that there was no connection
  • 3D support: fixed offset of guest 3D image elements (Mac OS X Retina hosts only; bug #11021)
  • Solaris hosts: fixed accessing the host driver from non-global zones (4.3 regression, bug #12271)

Changelog 4.2.18

  • VMM: properly handle NMIs on Linux hosts with X2APIC enabled
  • VMM: fixed potential crashes with 64-bit guests on 32-bit hosts (bug #11979)
  • GUI / seamless: properly handle mouse wheel scroll events
  • GUI, VBoxManage: when unregistering a VM, also unregister the hard disk images which are used exclusively (bug #10311)
  • GUI: prevent crashes under certain conditions on X11 hosts
  • 3D: multiscreen fixes (incorrect mouse position, flickets)
  • 3D Support: several fixes for the Windows WDDM video driver (multiscreen, seamless)
  • Snapshots: made live snapshots work again (bug #9255)
  • Teleportation: made it work again (bug #9455)
  • VBoxManage: on, snapshot take, –pause is default and –live is for doing live snapshots
  • VBoxSVC: don’t crash on systems with many VLAN interfaces (Solaris hosts only)
  • Network: after the host resumes from suspend, disconnect and reconnect the virtual network cables to force renewing the DHCP leases for the guests. So far only Mac OS X hosts and Windows hosts (bug #10063).
  • NAT: on name server changes force a reconnect of the virtual network cable to notify the guest (Mac OS X hosts only)
  • Mac OS X installer: keep previously installed Extension Packs on VirtualBox upgrade
  • Linux hosts / guests: Linux 3.11 fixes (bug #12001)
  • Solaris hosts: fixed a potential kernel panic caused due to unexpected preemption due to logging.
  • Windows hosts: fixed an issue with USB2 devices being inaccessible when plugged into USB3 ports.
  • Linux Additions: added PCI device identifier to vboxvideo.ko fixing DRI initialization under certain conditions (bug #11957)
  • Linux Additions: fixed udev detection in the init script with Linux 3.x kernels
Version 95.63MB

In den letzten 35 Jahren hat sich viel getan. Wer sich heute Informationen beschaffen möchte, der geht - wie sollte es auch anders sein - ins Internet. Dem war freilich nicht immer so. Als das Internet tatsächlich noch Neuland war, zog man hierfür Computer-Magazine zu Rate. Und deren Cover hatten es wirklich in sich!


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